Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions, also referred to as M&A, is defined as the consolidation of a company or its assets. This can be the transfer of ownership to another business, or the combination of multiple companies.

Transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, tender offers, management-led buyouts, and acquisitions of assets all fall under the umbrella of M&A.

At Intero Commercial & Commercial Business Unlimited, we work with clients all over the US through every step of the mergers and acquisitions process, from determining whether or not a business is prepared for sale, to post-closing support once the transaction is completed, and every detail in between.

How We
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Plan your exit strategy with our experts with Narender, Senior VP of Intero Commercial & Commercial Business Unlimited, knows the best way to sell, with registered buyers worldwide who are waiting to find you.

Explore our options of a merger or acquisition of a company and we’ll simplify this process.

Many entrepreneurs think that M & A transactions are to “sell out and be out.” Some buyers want the founder to stay on as the president or consultant. Other buyers desire to become an equity partner by purchasing only a part of the company. Whatever option you explore, we will convert your hard-earned business asset into cash.

Very few entrepreneurs have an effective exit plan. Proactive planning will allow an exit from a position of strength.

Intero Commercial & Commercial Business Unlimited

Conducting Value-Added Mergers & Acquisitions In Many Industries

We have excellent banking relationships for SBA and M&A transaction financing as well as relationships with Private Equity Groups and Private Investment Funds. We can help you leverage the value of your business up to obtain the maximum value for your business. Moreover, we specialize in M&A transactions all over the nation in the following industries, but not limited to:

Industrial, Warehouses R&D buildings, Distribution center

Gas Station, Auto dealers, Auto repair, Body Shops, Oil Changes & Lube, Car Wash, Tire stores, Truck stops & filling stations, Any auto related business, Limo Service

Construction Related Businesses: Electrical, Plumbing, Roofing, Mill work

Food Businesses: Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee Shops, Deli, Ice cream, Catering

Entertainment, Day care, Schools

Beauty: Spa, Salons, Fitness Center, Massage centers, & Diet Programs

Health: Medical and Dentist Practices

Manufacturing: All Products & Services

Printing: Graphic, Photography, Publishing, Book Stores, UPS Stores, Logistics

Advertising & Marketing Businesses

Internet and high-tech related or others

C-Stores, Liquor Stores, Grocery, Furniture, clothing and other retail

All other consumer or service businesses in retail and wholesale

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