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Buying Process

BUYING A BUSINESS  Is a most important and difficult decision in life and  we are here to lead you through out the process with our extensive experience.

The Buyer Process

1 – Mind Set : Decide the industry and a type of business you like to pursue and operate, You are confident with your background and skills and feel that you can make it comfortably and happily to be successful.

2 – Area: Distance from you home, and your willingness to commute to the business location on daily basis, nearby, some distance, any distance, out of city or may be in other state.

3 – Time availability and willing ness to spent at business operation, and that without hurting your personal and family life.

4 – Value : How much equity is available or willing to invest in the business. Like to take some financing for business acquisition? Have sufficient strengths and credit score etc.  price range of the business you feel comfortable to acquire.

5 – Find a Business: Here begin our active role in the transaction, having a facts evaluation meeting with you we will use our all machinery and data to find you an appropriate business in the price range and the area of your choice.

Also help getting financing.

6 – Introducing : having you signed a  confidentiality agreement will arrange to show you the business, arrange financials and all facts about the business, do complete analysis of numbers  to determine support to asking price, and answer your questions, Having you meet the seller and  discuss all about the business and facts finding.

7 – Time to Offer: upon satisfaction, we will discuss with you and create a transaction structure, write the offer agreement as per your offerings and present to the seller.

8 – Negotiate the price and terms with the seller on your behalf and have him accept the offer.  Contingent upon due diligence and closing

9 – During an agreed period of time after the acceptance you will get an opportunity to give a list of documents and financials and questions to go through thoroughly and complete the due diligence in an specified period.

Escrow : Final activities where we help to open an escrow with a reputed escrow office in the area  Officer will check all the legal issues,  liens and restrictions, corporate matters etc.

In the meantime, we help you

Transfer of Franchise, and PIP if any from franchisor, Lease assignment,

Business License’ All kind of permits as required. Setting new accounts, new venders. Suppliers accounts, service contacts and accounts like utilities, water, trash, internet, phone and the kind. Inventory, payroll setups.

You will find us standing next to you while you are going through all this process.

10:    Closing. Once all process is complete, all licenses in place, all loans and funds in escrow, the escrow officer will close the transaction and you take over the possession and keys to the business.


11 – After the closing: We make sure that the transaction has went through smoothly, Seller helped training as per agreement, we will be available to support and get any answer to any question you may have after the closing for any kind of business advice /consulting.

And the most important- Now we are friends for ever

Sure, you will refer all your friends and family for any business/commercial real estate needs they may have.



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