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Non Disclosure Agreement

You are requesting information on one or more businesses for sale by Narender Taneja, VP Intero Commercial. We have compiled comprehensive sales packets/data rooms that we will immediately email you upon review and receipt of this completed Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Please specify below a clear description of exactly which business(s) you are inquiring about.

By signing below you agree to all these terms for ALL businesses that we email you information on.

Non Disclosure Agreement

Why a Non-disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement is necessary?

Completing and signing and returning the NDA (Non-disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement) is step 1 of the Buyer Registration. The majority of all sellers prefer to maintain confidentiality during the process of selling their business. If confidentiality is breached the business can be affected negatively in several ways, for example:

  • Employees may start to look for positions elsewhere for fear they may lose their jobs.
  • Customers might switch to the competitor for fear they may not receive the same standard of service.
  • Vendors and Suppliers may find alternative outlets for their goods for fear the new owner won’t have the credit rating or be able to keep up the volume.
  • Competitors may take advantage of the perceived instability caused by the transition.

Complete the Non-disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement online as part of the Buyer Registration.

Please download, print, sign, and return the NDA by attaching and sending part of the form below.

Non disclosure agreement - intero commercial business unlimited

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